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Clear Solutions

DCLI Technologies Standardized business software solutions are a useful first step.... Is time- and cost- efficient and thus generates a clear competitive advantage. For exactly these requirements DCLI Technologies developed Embedded Applications which is reside in the software layer.

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Outsourcing is hiring services through company, intermediate (interposed) between the policyholder services and hand-to - work, under contract to provide services. The employment relationship is made between the employee and the company providing services, and not directly with the contractor borrower thereof.

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Digital Media

Software solutions for Digital Media, We like to find innovative solutions in the development and web design projects and mobile, making your ideas come true. We use best practices in project development only succeeds with an incredible support team supporting us. They work for us and for you, every step of the project.

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Welcome to the Development world of DCLI Technologies

The DCLI Technologies is a competent partner of well-known companies as well as small and medium enterprises in the development of custom software. The main focus of our work lies in the development of applications for all major operating systems, e-business development and design, and systems analysis and data mining.

With excellent contacts in the offshore / near shore development area, we offer our customers the opportunity with us as a management partner to benefit from the price advantage of new markets without suffering in quality and reliability degradation.

DCLI is Dedicated, Virtual Dedicated for Software Solutions

The diversified company know – how is based on the skill levels of software -based systems , such as Monitoring systems for manufacturing processes in mass production. The experience in the development of customized software allows us to respond specifically to the needs of our customers. What services we offer to our clients are .NET and Java, web services, Mobile Technologies and communication protocols with complete embedded systems, legacy programming languages and EAI. Other Areas of expertise are Multi-tier Architecture frameworks ranging from mainframes, to client / servers, to web-based systems and SOA.

Our continuously growing team also integrates with existing projects, if our clients compensate for peak periods or introduce special knowledge like. Healthy, quality controlled growth and strict cost and risk management are an integral part of our business processes and thus ensure the stability of our company.

Customer Satisfied Consultancy Services

In addition we offer, together with our partner companies, business intelligence and IT consulting e.g. Business Objects, Actuate and other solutions. With the DCLI technologies as a certified partner of Business Objects You have access to up to a 10-year expertise of our consultants.

Next Steps

From aligning your IT with your business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming your enterprise, DCLIT has the world-class experience and expertise that you need. Email Contact a consultant today »

Sales Partnership Details

DCLI Technologies has three levels of partners: Gold, silver and resellers. Gold partners not only front end our solution, but also invest in pre-sales, deployment and support of our products. Silver partners invest in deployment resources and project management. Resellers engage with us in license sale to new customers.

Success Stories

We aim to be an organization, which is renowned for producing high quality software solutions to bring about wealth that can be used for the benefit of mankind.

Successfully implemented New York based DVDs for Veterans program

Successfully implemented intranet portal for Everest Group Outsourcing Database

Successful Implementation for online fashion outlet for Europen Market

Ecommerce Portal for fashion accessories for Style Scope, Morocco

Portal based for New York Nannies and childcare providers

Intranet portal for Everest Group Outsourcing Database

Successful Implementation for in-house software for ISKCON resolve

Nursing Portal for Education and Training of state operated hospitals in Australia